Spotlight on People Innovation with PwC

Spotlight on People Innovation with PwC

Business, as everyone knows, is about people. ‘People buy from people’ as the old adage goes but that means every company has to ensure its workforce are satisfied and working not only to the best of their abilities but in a way that they want to work.

To that end, PwC in Scotland, sponsoring the People Innovation Award at the Scottish Business Awards, allows the firm to join in with the business community, celebrating and encouraging the ways companies are innovating in this important area.

Look after people to look after business

Pauline Arnot, director of financial services risk and regulation said:

"When you look at it, 2016 has been a year characterised by a changing political, economic and social landscape. However through it all, the best companies have continued to focus on inspiring and developing their people to be the best that they can be. 

"I spend a lot of time in different businesses across Scotland and have witnessed some inspirational and highly successful work on culture and values with a clear focus on developing talent and people across multiple sectors.

"At PwC, we think it’s important to embrace different ways of learning and working to unleash the potential of our people, empowering them in their careers and lives outside of work"

Rewarding those who think differently

This year the PwC People Innovation Award looks to celebrate the businesses who prioritise doing things differently, those who use innovation to embed the appropriate culture, shape their people agenda and deliver positive outcomes.

Claire Reid, partner and newly appointed head of assurance Scotland, said:

"Whatever we do in our markets needs to be done through a people lens, be that our clients or own teams.

"PwC has always been committed to innovation, and since my recent return to Scotland I’ve been impressed by the number of different activities and programmes we have put in place to strengthen our culture while promoting new ideas and ways of working.

"This ranges from allowing all our people to spend up to six days per year volunteering in their local community through to actively promoting mental health awareness across all our UK offices. 

Less meetings for more happy staff

 "But we don’t take this for granted or stagnate. For example, our latest feedback from employees was around the number of meetings and how long they were taking. Therefore, we have introduced a 25% challenge to reduce the number and length of internal meetings by 25% and at the same time increase the use of our virtual meeting technology by 25%.

"It’s by constantly adapting like this – exploring different backgrounds, cultures, ways of working and experiences – that we ensure being at the cutting edge not only of working place best practice but also employee satisfaction and attracting new, talented people excited by the way we do things, who want to realise their full potential."

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