Big Screen Social debuts in Leeds

Big Screen Social debuts in Leeds

Huddersfield social media training company, Social Progress, have developed a new Twitter wall that set to challenge the competition.

Big Screen Social is a platform that can creatively display social media posts and images based around a hashtag on a big screen during an event.

Using Big Screen Social, companies can create a digital buzz by having a Live Twitter wall (and/or Instagram wall) at an event, and encourage attendees to join in the conversation before, during and after an event by using a specific hashtag.

Social Progress created the idea after managing live Twitter walls for events and exhibitions and finding that the results weren’t quite what they wanted to achieve.

Esther Orridge from Social Progress said: "There are a few Twitter wall Platforms currently available, however we found that they were mainly text based. So, Janet Bebb -director of Social Progress - decided we should create our own and make it heavily visual, creative and engaging."

Big Screen Social had its debut screening at Techtrade Yorkshire on 8th September at Elland Road, Leeds, and even managed to start ‘trending in Leeds’ on Twitter.

Janet Bebb said: "We were thrilled with all the positive feedback about Big Screen Social at the exhibition and it was great to see how people actually interacted with it too."

Big Screen Social is in its first phase and will soon be available in licence form for event organisers to purchase and use for events. Companies can also hire Janet and Esther to manage the social media and Big Screen Social for the day.

Janet Said: "This would not have been made into a reality without Dave Pullig from Delicious Media who has built the web-based platform and John Polley Brand Communications who has created the branding to compliment Social Progress without merging the two!"


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