Airbus gets Indestructible coating

Airbus gets Indestructible coating

West Midlands-based Indestructible Paint has been appointed by Airbus to provide key fire protection coating systems for its aircraft.

The accreditation marks the latest in some 20 years of approval from many of the leading aerospace manufacturers in the world and reflects, in particular, on the Birmingham-based company’s commitment to research and development.

Brian Norton, Indestructible Paint’s managing director, said: "This latest achievement refers to our specialist IP9189A/B+IP3-0000 coating system which meets the requirements of the Airbus ABS 5941A standard.

"It will provide fire protection on the latest Airbus aircraft and is part of our recent development of intumescent paints that provide a high thermal barrier.

"Their performance is centred on the provision of extended fire resistance."

The achievement is a culmination of a focused project that has seen Indestructible Paint’s Research and Development laboratory work closely with Airbus technicians in Germany and adaptors in the UK.

The development process included multiple specimen testing that involved factors such as leech assessment and humidity resistance.

"The aerospace sector has been at the heart of our success since our formation and, as a result, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of protective coating performance requirements," added Brian.

"In many cases, this is built around safety critical objectives and this latest achievement, of which we are very proud, is a clear reflection of our knowledge and commitment in the field."