One giant leap for Scottish space

One giant leap for Scottish space

Advanced satellite software developed in partnership between Ecometrica and the University of Edinburgh is helping Scotland cement its place as a leading space nation.

Ecometrica, the sustainability software and data company, is taking the guesswork out of predicting future floods, crop yields, forest protection and water stewardship with its new Earth Observation (EO) Platform.

Harnessing innovative technology developed by University of Edinburgh, Ecometrica's Earth Observation Platform can now bring together vast quantities of data collected by Europe's Sentinel-1 satellite mission.

The research behind the technology has been led by Drs Edward Mitchard and Murray Collins of the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences under funding received from the UK Natural Environment Research Council.

The platform will empower governments, NGOs, farmers, corporates and investors across the world to manage natural resources in remote locations more effectively and cements Scotland’s place as a pioneering space nation.

Dr Edward Mitchard, NERC research fellow in the university’s School of GeoSciences, said: "We have used our expertise in the processing and application of satellite radar data to develop a pathway that downloads, corrects and stacks up Sentinel-1 radar scenes.

"In their raw form these data are very variable, suffer from artefacts related to terrain, and subsequent images captured over the same location do not line up. Our software solves these problems and will enable Ecometrica to concentrate on building value-added tools from time series of radar data."

Not only will Ecometrica’s new platform empower governments and organisations across the globe but it could also have a huge impact at home, right here in Scotland, providing a major boost to the nation’s £1bn forestry industry.

Ecometrica CEO Gary Davis added: "Imagery and data from Sentinel-1 has tremendous potential to be used commercially and for earth conservation. By making this data easily accessible, the possibilities are limitless.

"Our aim is to develop innovative solutions for monitoring and reporting environmental information. The latest enhancement of Ecometrica's Earth Observation Platform positions the company as a truly end-to-end provider of high value, satellite-derived information."