Innovation showcase: Envirowatch

Innovation showcase: Envirowatch

Peter Neasham of Envirowatch entered the Innovation Showcase at Venturefest North East with his E-MOTE equipment, which monitors air quality in and around Newcastle.

Describe your business in no more than 100 words

Envirowatch Ltd is the leading designer and manufacturer of innovative pervasive environmental monitoring solutions. At the core of our design is the need for simple and reliable data transfer using low power, real time communications.   

Envirowatch products are designed with the common principle of being small, unobtrusive, self-powered and easy to install. Our E-MOTE equipment monitors air quality - mainly NO2, NO and CO in roadside and city centre locations, along with noise, temperature and humidity.  The NoiseMOTE was designed primarily for a project monitoring noise impacts around airports for NATS.  We also have the HydroMOTE for water level monitoring.


What prompted you to enter the innovation showcase?

Envirowatch Ltd is committed to providing its existing and new clients with the tools they require to fully understand the environment in which we live and identify the sources of pollutants so that targeted and effective mitigation measures can be implemented. The innovation show case allows us to demonstrate our products to a wider audience with an interest in true innovation. 


Describe the innovation that you’ve entered the showcase with

In and Around Newcastle upon Tyne, Envirowatch has deployed a network of E-MOTE devices supplied to Newcastle University and Newcastle City Council.  We shall be explaining and describing what the collected data could be used for. We shall also discuss two other projects.  One showing live Noise data and the other showing live water levels for a Citizen Science project in Acomb, Northumberland.


How would you describe that innovation to your grandparents?

The effects of air pollution costs £20billion per year, nearly 16% of the NHS budget.  Envirowatch products provide data helping decisions to be made on how to reduce this problem.  Pollution produced mainly from diesel engines is contributing to 1000`s of people`s premature deaths worldwide.


What are the best and worst parts of trying to be innovative in your business?

Our client’s requirements push the innovation in our business; if they have a problem that shows there is a market then we strive to find a solution for it.  So, the best part is providing a client with a new solution and the worst part is advising clients that sometimes what they want to achieve probably cannot be done.  Yet!


What are the biggest challenges you face?

Producing low powered communication interfaces that are accepted in every country in the world, so our technology can be rolled out globally and resourcing the international growth of our reseller network.


Where do you get support and advice to help you run your business?

Ordinarily we have supported the business organically both financially and commercially, but we would be very happy to receive input that could put a different complexion on the way forward and of course any potential investment routes.


What does being chosen for the innovation showcase mean to you?

Being part of the showcase would show to us that we have created a business capable of holding its own in a very innovative and dynamic technical world.


Where do you see your company in five years’ time?

Envirowatch has become the leading UK business in the field of low cost, low power environmental monitoring over the last 5 years, having more deployed product than all our competitors put together.  Envirowatch can and intends to become the global leader in our field within the next 5 years.  Following the completion of a very successful year after two very problematic years, the business is now looking to push on in both the domestic and international markets where we have garnered a substantial amount of interest mainly from the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.  The next key steps in its development are:

  • the proactive marketing of the current product line
  • further development of the product range
  • the enhancement of the sales process in UK and Europe
  • sales promotion in other parts of the globe to back up possible incorporation in the USA
  • product/service/support programs


What would you tell businesses who are hoping to be more innovative?

Ensure your suppliers can meet your needs and when you are working out your budgets and timescales, double it.