Ask the Midwife takes the strain off the NHS

Ask the Midwife takes the strain off the NHS

A London start-up has launched a new app to support mothers throughout their pregnancy by offering a direct link to experienced midwives seven days a week.

Whether experiencing their first pregnancy or their fourth, expectant mothers often feel a range of emotions about their pregnancy every day, from excitement to nervousness.

The launch of a new app, that has been designed by caring and understanding midwives, aims to support mothers throughout their pregnancy.

The Ask the Midwife app aims to bridge the gap between NHS and private care to ensure all parents are fully supported and have access to the advice they need, when they need it.

The launch of the app comes at a time when the NHS is facing financial constraints and, in some cases, this is leading to staff cuts.

Typically, first time mothers will have up to 10 antenatal appointments that give them an opportunity to ask questions.

Ask the Midwife wants to supplement these visits by providing a line to contact an understanding professional outside of these slots.

Hannah Harvey, founder of Ask the Midwife, said: “I set up Ask the Midwife to reach as many families as possible to make sure everyone has access to fast, professional advice.

“Mums, dads and other family members can often forget to ask the questions they’ve been meaning to during an appointment, have a sudden concern or have a query they don’t want to ask about face to face, this is where the app can help and work alongside NHS care.

“Turning to Google is often what happens when parents are worried but there’s no guarantee that the advice is accurate, with Ask the Midwife they’ll be able to chat to a friendly professional. Through the app we hope to improve health outcomes for mums and babies and ease concerns.”

Ask the Midwife is the first app in the UK to be run by qualified midwives. The app operates seven days a week, 14 hours a day, with a vetted, fully qualified team on hand to answer questions and speak in real time.

The app is currently available on iOS devices and the Android version will launch in 2017.


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