Innovation Showcase: Gospelware

Innovation Showcase: Gospelware

Gospelware specialises in making smart apps for mobile and the web. Managing director Ryan Davies talked to BQ about why he has entered Gospelware into this year's Innovation Showcase...

Describe your business in no more than 100 words

With a vision to support those who are changing the world, Gospelware are a team of digital architects, smart thinkers, and intuitive designers, specialising in apps for mobile and web. Makers of the complex and technical, they create user-centred, smart and sensible software to take people into the real world of tomorrow. Using technology as a tool to unlock potential, they link ideas and business with an innovative approach to the future.


What prompted you to enter the innovation showcase?

Venturefest sounded to us like a very positive opportunity for professionals in the region to come together and showcase their innovative business and/or products. In being a business within the North East, an event such as Venturefest is an awesome opportunity for the region to share with each other the excellent creations and services that they’re producing, which we know to be important. Being able to also celebrate the innovation and creativity that our region has in abundance is something we jump at the chance to be a part of.


Describe the innovation that you’ve entered the showcase with.

We use technology as a tool to unlock potential for ideas, and business. Our work on projects for safety and within the healthcare sector reflects this vision entirely.

Working with our client Realsafe Technologies, we designed the award winning motorcycle safety app Realrider. The app keeps riders safe and connectedwith its built-in RealSafe crash detection technology, and our design enabled these life saving features to be utilised to their most important potential.

Our work within healthcare started with a data capture app for paramedics in the US. Information is transferred from the point of incident to the corresponding hospital, so clinicians are more fully prepared for patient arrival.

In addition to this, our ongoing work with Newcastle University research team Changing Health Ltd, we’re working with them to create a system that will help people to monitor - and prevent the onset of - chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It’s a focus of ours to improve how people do things in using digital innovation and the many possibilities within that to change lives and processes for the better.


How would you describe that innovation to your grandparents?

Picking oneRealrider, Id probably say something like… “You know motorcyclists? Well, they often ride on rural roads, and even if theyre part of a group they can get separated from each other, so if they crash, they can come off their bike down embankments, into fields, or whatever, which means it can be really difficult for them to be found by their fellow riders, and by the emergency services. They also can get separated from their bikes, so the bike can be found, but not the rider. It turns out this is a big thing with emergency rescue because - what they call the golden hour- for the best chance of survival, finding somebody within this time is imperative.

 So basically, theres this company called Realsafe Technologies who have invented technology that uses motion sensors that exist within a persons smartphone to detect if a rider has crashed. Still working in rural areas where there may not be phone signal, and with it being their smartphone, its with the person, so if they get separated from their bike, the rider can still be found. If a crash happens, the phone recognises this and sends a signal to the emergency services.

The emergency services can find the riders location, and increase the chance of being found within the golden hour.

And this is all within an app. What Realsafe Technologies asked us to do, was make the design so that the app was easy and enjoyable to use for the riders that use it, and to most importantly, make it so the Realsafe feature could be used and activated easily. The app is called Realrider, and its the first app to be 999 certified because of its lifesaving potential.


What are the best and worst parts of trying to be innovative in your business?

Best: The best bit is being on the cusp and cutting-edge of technology, and trying to make great things happen using this as a tool.

Worst: When we do the initial innovation phase of a projects, which we do through our innovation workshops, but is unable to move forward for design and build. Theres a number of reasons why this can happen, but its usually due to financing restrictions (lack of VC funding at early stage) which stop a lot of innovative businesses from getting off the ground.


What are the biggest challenges you face?

The biggest challenges we face are, staffing, particularly in software engineering roles. Infrastructure, lack of well utilised office spacing in Newcastle, especially for those businesses wishing to scale-up. With this also, finding somewhere thats well maintained with good, fast broadband and comms. It took us a while to find the space we have now in the centre of Newcastle - its an awesome loft space - but if our team were to double in the next year/few years, wed have to move.


Where do you get support and advice to help you run your business?

Mentors is our biggest asset with this. Mentors in our wider network, and specifically from the Entrepreneurs Forum which we would highly recommend any business to join. Entrepreneurs in the area who have had many, long standing business, with years of experience, with the forum youre connected with these people, and this has been a great help for us.


What would being chosen for the innovation showcase mean to you?

Its good news, weve been successful in being chosen, which is excellent! Were really looking forward to the event. It means a lot to us, to be selected as a company with innovative work to be showcased, especially alongside fellow companies in the region. Theres a lot of innovative work being produced in the North East, were humbled and thrilled to be selected as a featuring part of that.


Where do you see your company in five years’ time?

Still in the city centre, 40+ staff, continuing to do important work, and building digital products for inspiring clients, helping to impact lives on a greater scale with the work we do, and the businesses we support by being the digital counterpart for positive changes. With technology being a sector with new technology emerging all of the time, we see ourselves working with augmented reality, virtual reality, drones, satellites, automotive, blockchain technology. This is where we see ourselves moving, and adding to our suite of capabilities. This is why we say were a digital product company- because while the software we create centres around apps for mobile and web, as well as web systems, theres possibilities for technology to extend and greater connect from this, and these possibilities are exciting. Making the complex and technical is what we do best, and with this we aim to continue to extend potential and advise on real impactful solutions for the projects we innovate.


What would you tell businesses who are hoping to be more innovative?

Review your processes, figure out commonalities between you and your competition, then look at how you can use innovative technology to create efficiency in these processes, to give you an advantage over your competitors, or with company such as ours, we can provide consultancy on this, and help you to create an innovative solution for your business.