Pickering's gets into the Christmas spirit

Pickering's gets into the Christmas spirit

The Edinburgh-based Gin distillery behind Pickering’s Gin has unwrapped its festive offering, revealing a reimagined version of the traditional Christmas bauble.

Throughout the season Pickering’s Gin will be repackaging gin from its Summerhall Distillery into Christmas tree baubles.

Marcus Pickering, co-founder of Pickering’s Gin, remarked: "The baubles started off as a bit of fun for a Christmas fair and people went absolutely wild for them. We sold hundreds in minutes, and decided to spread the Christmas cheer by adding them to our production line as a fun, seasonal offering.

"It’s a brilliant end to a monumental year for Pickering’s, which saw us increase capacity, expand to new international markets and launch Ginerosity, the first social enterprise gin."

Each bauble is filled with a 50ml measure of gin and is sold in a gift pack of 6 different coloured baubles.

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Next year, the distillery will up production to 300,000 baubles, with production expected to begin in early January to ensure demand is met.  

The next batch of the baubles will be released in early December.

Dave Quinnell, general manager of Pickering’s Gin, remarked: "It seems our Christmas spirit is sweeping the nation as we have been inundated with requests from across the country.

"Having already increased production to four times our anticipated sales, we now have to release the baubles in stages so that production can keep up!

"Forget Christmas holly, this is the year of the juniper."