Tees Valley Twenty: Innovation-Muves

Tees Valley Twenty: Innovation-Muves

The Innovate Tees Valley Festival has been launched in a bid to connect businesses with the networks they need to innovate and continue growing. Muves, an app based software solution for estate agents, is one of the businesses showcasing at the event. Director Olly Lawson caught up with BQ to tell us more…

Describe your business in no more than 100 words

Muves is an app based software solution for forward thinking estate agents. 

With the rise of online-only agents (now 5% of the market) Muves enables agents to compete on both price and service.

The white labelled app, allows agents to list vendors’ / landlords’ properties on advertising portals without having to visit them.  The property particulars are compiled by the vendor / landlord using the tools within the app, then sent to the agent.  Functions of the app include, photography guide, viewing availability calendar, valuation tool and inventory creator.

The app provides the best of both worlds for agent’s clients.


Which particular products and/or services make your business innovative?

Our entire business is modelled around the app, there are currently no other products like ours available on the market which shows how much we’re breaking the mould!

One element of the app in particular that shows our innovation is our viewing availability calendar. 

This allows vendors / landlords to submit their availability directly to the agents, meaning that when a prospective buyer / tenant contacts the agent to organise a viewing they can instantly be booked in at a time convenient for both parties.  A push notification is then sent instantly to the vendor’s / landlord’s phone with the details of the viewing. 

This appointment is then synced on their phone with either their iCal or Google calendar.    The agent is not required to attend the viewings meaning that evening or Sunday viewings can be easily be arranged.  More viewing flexibility means more viewings which means the property is sold / let quicker!  Everyone’s a winner!

We’re also continually looking for ways to improve the listing process and are currently working on a description writer and floorplan creator, to help provide even more listing tools. 


What proportion of your service offer comprises new (under 3 years old) products, materials, technologies etc?

100%! Our business has only been established since April 2015, my fellow Director and I have only been working on Muves full time since June 2016 and we’ve only just signed the product design and development off in October, however being relatively new has not stopped us getting early adopting clients on board.



To what extent have the innovations enhanced the sales of your other products/services or led to future opportunities?

In the limited time that we’ve been established, we’ve attracted the attention of an estate agent specific software group which would like to promote Muves to its extensive portfolio of agents.  Our innovate software has also attracted the advances of investors both in this country and overseas offering expertise and funding.



What new skills have been acquired by (and retained within) your company as a result of the innovations?

Both Directors have learned an awful lot about UX / UI of phone applications.  Although we’ve not been physically writing the code, we’ve both picked up the basics of programming and know the merits of iOS and Android platforms.



How do you innovate in the way you run your business?

Aside from the product that we’ve developed, in the day to day running we’re always trying to find new tools to speed things up, simplify processes or ideally… both!

As we’re a PropTech (Property Technology) company we love to adopt tech in every area of the business possible.  This is why we provide demonstrations via all forms of video conferencing platforms as well as signing all contracts by tools like DocuSign and we keep everything backed up on our trusty cloud servers.  We’re striving to be as green as we possibly can be.


What are your biggest professional achievements to date?

To have designed and built software that is changing the way that property has been sold and let since the turn of the millennium!


Where do you see your company in five years time?

We’re always striving to make things simpler and more stream lined, this means we will continue to invest in research and development, we have a roadmap of functions, products and services that we’re going to add to the software in the future… watch this space.  The app is aimed mainly at vendors / landlords at present, however we’re looking at developing the tenant / buyer elements.


What advice would you give to aspiring innovators?

To always believe that you’ll find the solution.  It’s not always the one that first springs to mind but with some ‘corkscrew thinking’ have confidence that you’ll get there in the end!


Muves will be showcasing their innovations at the Innovate Tees Valley festival in Middlesbrough on 8th December. Tickets for the event are available free of charge - book your place now at http://innovatefestival.tv/ 


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