Recruitment app to launch in Newcastle

Recruitment app to launch in Newcastle

A brand new recruitment app is choosing the North East for its launch.

HiUp has set up offices across Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Australia, to help promote the app which aims to revolutionise the way people are employed.

The app allows jobseekers to create their own virtual CV and then find jobs that match with their specific skills and experience, while also identifying training they could carry out to boost their employability.

The company’s marketing director, Ben Maughan, is Newcastle born and bred, and chose his hometown as the city to launch the app in the UK.

“The results so far have been unbelievable,” said Ben.

“HiUp was developed because we believed that the traditional recruitment agency model needed to be changed, as a lot of the time people were chasing work that they weren’t qualified for.

“This app isn’t just for jobseekers however. It’s a useful tool for recruitment agencies themselves to change the way they work and for training providers, colleges and universities who can use the platform to deliver courses to people anywhere in the world.”

The brainchild of Irish entrepreneur Brendan Kavanagh, HiUp was developed when he decided to bring the recruitment process up to date.

Having started his own training company ten years ago, Brendan was asked to develop a health and safety training app for Tesco, which was so successful it was rolled out to a number of other leading companies including Pepsi, Pfizer and Lidl.

Realising that the training app had even more potential, it was decided last year to develop it for the recruitment business.

The app is free to download and jobseekers can then create their own virtual CV, immediately receiving information about jobs relevant for them.

At the same time, they are able to apply to take part in accredited online courses which help improve their jobs prospects across a range of sectors, including health and safety, construction, manufacturing, health care, retail and customer service.

“One of the most attractive aspects for employers is that they will no longer have to pay fees to recruitment agencies,” said Ben.

“They can access a wealth of potential employees with relevant qualifications, or can even use the app to identify courses which will improve the skills of their existing employees by getting them to register.

“There is no doubt at all that we are revolutionising the world of recruitment and I’m delighted that we were able to choose the North East as the first place in the country to showcase HiUp.”



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