The trailblazers: innovators

The trailblazers: innovators

As the Business Growth Hub celebrates five successful years of supporting the businesses of Greater Manchester, we focus on incredible innovations in business taking place right here in the region.

KMS: innovation in healthcare

KMS Solutions was founded with the purpose of using technology to deliver healthcare solutions, through simple-to-operate and easy-to-understand products.

The company established the KIT (Keep in Touch) wristband in 2015, a mobile phone and GPS tracker miniaturized into a simple wearable device. KMS Solutions then went on to design b.con software, a web-based geo-location platform allowing carers for people wearing the KIT to locate their whereabouts while an alert system notifies them when a loved one has left a "safe zone". 

The Business Growth Hub helped them to secure a research and development grant of £2,000, speeding up the R&D process, and developing and testing five prototype devices

Director Chris Etchells explained: "Being awarded the grant allowed us to take KIT from a concept to a physical product that can be shown to investors and partners. The prototypes were a springboard for us and opened the door for current partnerships which are an integral part of our business journey."


Venturefest Manchester’s Innovation Showcase

Innovation across Greater Manchester is so rife, it got its own showcase at this year’s Venturefest. Eventual winners, digital agency Nothing but Epic brought us Padoq, their app which creates a social feed with boundaries for groups of friends, those with shared interests, or around brands and causes.

Hairclone is a start-up which is aiming to do exactly what it says on the tin – clone our hair, so we can rejuvenate it when we need to.

Mymanu’s CLIK earbuds have already evolved the concept of wireless earbuds, with their kickstarter-success allowing for real-time voice translation.

There can’t be any of us who haven’t had to deal with a ‘false alarm’ in our lives. GJD have developed their V-TECT solution, to tell you if an intruder is really an intruder.

Off-grid low energy infrastructure is ELe’s innovation, delivering electricity through your internet cable efficiently, being green and helping bring less developed nations online.

VST Enterprises have developed VCode is a next generation symbol technology which can be read by scanning, to make the lives of users more efficient.

Despite many advancements in architecture & building technology, ductwork systems haven’t changed in over a hundred years. Enter GatorDuct, who have created a sustainable solution built from cardboard. 

Barbara Lewis was inspired to set up Limon Attire after she and her sister noticed a gap in the market for attractive clothing protectors; Draprons are garments which restore dignity to those living with dementia.

Swifty Scooters are known for manufacturing beautiful and innovative adult scooters, in particular their folding commuter scooter SwiftyONE.

And C-Major have designed a medical product which reduces or removes the risk of needle stick injuries.