The trailblazers: Being sustainable

The trailblazers: Being sustainable

As the Business Growth Hub celebrates five successful years of supporting the businesses of Greater Manchester, we take a look at some of the firms going big on sustainability.

The Hub’s environmental business specialists have been helping businesses increase profitability by reducing their environmental impact, and exploit growing markets for low carbon and environmental goods and services.



Founded in 1965, engineering firm Dawson Precision Components (DPC) needed to reduce its energy consumption and stay within its rated electricity supply capacity at its Oldham site. Reducing energy demand would prevent the need for a power supply upgrade whilst cutting costs and carbon emissions at the same time.

Using technical surveys delivered by the Business Growth Hub, DPC has identified a range of simple, low cost ways to reduce its energy consumption.

In total, nearly £42,000 in potential annual savings have been identified, cutting their annual carbon footprint by 75 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) – enough to fill 42 hot air balloons.

Julie Hughes, finance director at Dawson Precision Components, said: “It’s amazing what savings can be made through simple changes and we’re looking forward to working further with the Business Growth Hub to find more innovative ways to reduce the impact of our products and processes.” 



Stockport manufacturer Resin Surfaces Ltd (RSL) worked closely with Claire Scott, environmental business advisor at the Business Growth Hub, to identify routes to market for a new range of innovative eco-friendly solutions for floors and walls.

Resin coatings are vital to protect and preserve items such as floors and walls, and RSL’s products are used across a huge range of sectors, including industrial, retail, aerospace, food and drink, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

However, environmental concerns mean that traditional coatings are coming under increasing scrutiny.

Ivy Wroe, managing director of RSL, said: “As a relatively small manufacturer, it’s often difficult to keep up with product innovation, let alone drive it, but at RSL, that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

RSL’s most exciting innovation to date includes a range of water-based resin floor coatings and finishes that take environmental impact to a ground-breaking low while maintaining performance and durability.”

“The advice and knowledge we’ve received from Claire through the Business Growth Hub has been hugely helpful in getting us to this stage,” Ivy said.



Bolton’s LED lighting company Bri-Tek Technologies has been working to develop innovative new products, boost sales and achieve growth in Greater Manchester’s low carbon sector.   

Bri-Tek offers the full spectrum of low carbon lighting solutions across commercial, industrial and domestic sectors, covering design, specification, installation and maintenance. 

The Hub’s advisors are now helping Bri-Tek with the market launch of its newly developed product; an innovative universal emergency battery for LED lighting. This product is the first of its kind on the market and greatly improves energy efficiency, installation time and maintenance costs for emergency back-up lighting.

Mo Hanslod, chief executive of Bri-Tek, said: “The best thing about working with the Business Growth Hub is that they identify, not just what legislation is in place which will help us grow as a business, but what business opportunities there are out there.”

“The Business Growth Hub has provided excellent support in helping my business to grow and meet our development ambitions in Greater Manchester’s low carbon sector and beyond.”

Bri-Tek are also an active member of the Low Carbon Network, with over 200 members helping companies in Greater Manchester find the suppliers they need.