SafeGuard iP joins IP100 as National Partner

SafeGuard iP joins IP100 as National Partner

IP insurance experts Safeguard iP has become the latest company to back the IP100, the UK’s first Intellectual Property (IP) League Table.

The annual Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks IP100 league table, the first of its kind, aims to encourage more businesses to truly understand the value of their intellectual property.

The table is compiled by BQ in association with Metis Partners, an award-winning commercial intellectual property consulting firm and ranks innovative companies by the value of their IP.

Working in association with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, Jumpstart and Murgitroyd, Safeguard iP, a leading IP insurance expert, has become the latest company to sign up to support the campaign.

Speaking about the IP100, David Bloom, a solicitor at Safeguard iP, said: "Unfortunately, even though British businesses are amongst the most innovative in the world, many do not invest enough time and money in capturing and protecting their valuable IP. 

"The businesses in the IP100 are some of the most creative in the UK and serve as an inspiration to others that long term growth and success comes from putting IP at the centre of what they do.

"Safeguard iP is proud to be a part of the IP100 and looks forward to helping it grow and inspiring more companies to capture and exploit their intellectual property."

"We’re delighted to have David and the team at Safeguard iP on board.

"Safeguard’s involvement will provide a huge boost to not just those involved but also to the sector as a whole, championing the quality of intellectual property throughout the UK."

Bryan’s views were echoed by Metis Partners director Stephen Robertson, who added: "IP assets underpin the competitive advantage of most businesses.

"Despite this, IP remains one of the least recognised asset classes, and so we are delighted to welcome Safeguard iP to the IP100 ecosystem and join our drive to get the value of IP recognised and leveraged by companies well before exit."

The UKIPO has also backed the IP100 initiative, and Guy Robinson, Deputy Director IPO Innovation Directorate commented: "We at the UK Intellectual Property Office are committed to helping businesses better manage their IP; understanding the value of IP and mitigating risks around these assets is crucial to the UK’s knowledge economy.

"I am pleased to hear about the IP100 and SafeGuard iP partnership which, I’m sure, will be a valuable addition to the ecosystem to support the growth of those businesses".

In 2017, the IP100 will be engaged in a number of exciting initiatives, including the launch of a digital platform which will be available to both investors and IP100 Club companies, hosting the much-anticipated IP100 award dinners and a variety of IP100 networking events throughout the UK.

Potential IP100 entrants can now apply to be included in the forthcoming IP League Table and they will be assessed on IP-specific data linked to the 5 key IP asset classes; brand and reputation, critical databases, software, patents, and trade secrets. 

The next update of the IP100 is due to be released early next year. For further information on the campaign, click here.