LooBlade brings tech to your toilet

LooBlade brings tech to your toilet

Garry Stewart has reinvented a household staple; the toilet brush. His LooBlade was a massive Kickstarter hit and now Scottish EDGE have added £75,000 to the pot.

“A few years ago, I realised that the conventional toilet brush design has essentially remained unchanged for years – it is inefficient and results in millions of gallons of wasted water, excessive use of bleach and countless tonnes of unnecessary landfill,” said Garry Stewart, founder and CEO of Spyglass Innovations.

“I saw that the fundamental problem was the fact that brush bristles are simply not fit for purpose when it comes to cleaning a toilet…”

Spyglass Innovations has secured a Scottish EDGE award worth £75,000 to support the growth of LooBlade – the company’s reinvention of the toilet brush.

052 Looblade Garrystewart InventorBuilt on patented SwipeClean Technology, LooBlade effortlessly swipes a toilet clean with antimicrobial blades that kill all germs on contact, significantly reducing reliance on bleach.

We developed a new design approach that exchanges bristles for flexible blades to provide a non-clogging, germ-killing, water-repellent alternative to brush-based cleaners. 

“SwipeClean Technology comprises eight flexible blades in a helix configuration that maintain a broad area of contact to “swipe clean” rather than scrub a surface.”

With the technology developed and patented, Garry chose crowdfunding as a way of making sure the market was ready for his LooBlade, securing the funds needed to tool up and produce the goods. 

“In 2015, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for LooBlade. The response exceeded all expectations, raising more than 250% and achieving pre-orders for more than 5,000 units,” Garry said.

“Since then, the interest generated by the campaign resulted in multiple distributor deals across the world, worth millions in pre-orders, and helped establish a European manufacturing partnership.”

The Scottish EDGE awards showcase Scotland’s most innovative, high-growth potential start-up businesses, with the aim of boosting Scotland’s economy by supporting the country’s small businesses, and Spyglass Innovations has been awarded £75,000 which has delighted Garry.

With the new Scottish EDGE funding, we will seek to accelerate our business, by recruiting a sales executive to help manage and grow our network of global distributors, and also by establishing a manufacturing partner in North America, which will help lower our export costs,” he said.

Scottish EDGE CEO, Evelyn McDonald, said; “LooBlade is a revolutionary replacement for the conventional toilet brush and we’re excited to be supporting Spyglass Innovations to take this product to a global market. 

053 Looblade Cleaning Under RimRenowned Scottish entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sir Tom Hunter remarked on Spyglass Innovations’ achievement; “I’m delighted that Spyglass Innovations have secured Scottish EDGE funding and support as part of the competition’s ninth round. Garry’s pitch impressed the panel and they could see great potential in his product. We welcome the business as it joins our network of high-profile Scottish EDGE alumni and look forward to supporting their development.”

And LooBlade won’t be the only product that comes from Garry’s firm, Spyglass Innovations. “Future developments are already under way,” he teases, “I can’t share much about this now, but I can say that we aim to build on the SwipeClean Technology approach to address new applications.”