Satellite Data is rapidly changing the way we live and interact in our environment

Satellite Data is rapidly changing the way we live and interact in our environment

Leading industry figures from around the world will come together at Data.Space 2017 to deliver insights into the latest innovative products and services derived from space technologies.

Satellites, and more specifically the data that is being collected from them, are becoming an increasingly important means of observation globally, not only offering solutions for the betterment of life on earth, but also huge new business opportunities across many sectors including energy, sustainable cities, smart grid, agriculture, marine, life sciences and transport.

The Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications, SoXSA, is engaging with organisations across these sectors to explore how satellite derived data can challenge conventional ideas and develop new innovative concepts, techniques and products in response to user needs.

Since its establishment, SoXSA has been building exciting new partnerships and accelerating the growth of satellite applications, bringing together company needs and challenges with expertise from the innovation landscape.  

At its inaugural international Data.Space2017 Conference being held on the 1st & 2nd of February at the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) in Glasgow, SoXSA will pull together data and service providers with users and markets, as well as governments and their agencies, to provide a unique networking opportunity which will enable the coming together of needs and challenges with expertise and most importantly the identification and exploration of the opportunities that exist for businesses today.

With a focus on the exploitation of new data sets, the packed agenda will include world class speakers including Government ministers, the Director Generals of the European Marine Safety Agency and the UK Space Agency, as well as CEOs & founders of Spire, Planet, Descartes Labs, Clyde Space, Astra and Telespazio VEGA, a host of great small businesses such as Astrosat, Rezatec, and others, as well as non-space companies and data users such as PTV Group, Ordnance Survey and PEW fisheries, as well as VC funders from the UK and USA.

The Civic Reception and Gala Dinner on the evening of the 1st February will offer a chance to meet and network informally with some of the leading minds in this field, whilst also touching base with peers and others who show an interest in data and its potential new applications.

Places at Data.Space2017 can be booked via the website at a cost of just £295+VAT.