MediaBase Direct at BMW show

Venturefest South Innovator: MediaBase Direct

MediaBase Direct will be showcasing their data capture solutions and Event Companion app as part of the Innovation Zone at Venturefest South. We caught up with them ahead of the event to find out more.

Describe your business in no more than 100 words

Innovative digital agency MediaBase Direct (MBD) provides electronic data capture solutions for businesses who must meet strict new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Piracy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and other important data protection legislation criteria.

Through its easily-installed and customisable, tablet-based, fully confidential LEADR e-Reception Book apps, MBD ensures all data capture is fully compliant and opt-in friendly – making traditional and expensive visitor books obsolete.

Our customers benefit by having data conversion to actionable information via our fully automated intelligent email alerts, fast data cleaning, intelligent data screening and validation processes – boosting response rates and sales.

What prompted you to enter the Innovation Zone? Describe the innovation that you’ve entered with. 

We identified a need for companies to engage with visitors attending live events, and to provide tailored messages directly to the customer’s mobile device, based on their location and proximity.

Event Companion uses intelligent iBeacons technology that will interact with the customer in real-time. The visitors at the event can quickly and easily download an application directly to their mobile device. The iBeacons will intelligently push notifications and also provide a running plan on the events activities or products at their specific proximity. This technology also allows the organiser to create a plan of 'points of interest' within the application, enabling the user to choose and confirm their interest, instantly. The visitors can also use the application as a personal planner to ensure they don't miss any topics, so providing a simple way of scheduling their time.

Imagine you’re going to a new car launch, you could download Events Companion app from the Apple or Google stores, and instantly have the entire schedule of the event at your fingertips. You can now select and set a reminder based on what topics are of interest. Your mobile device will notify you before the start of your chosen topic.

Now let’s say you approach a stand like BMW for example, the iBeacon within the car will trigger a notification, based on your proximity, telling you more about the vehicle, and even giving you the opportunity to request a test drive, a brochure or further information. This is just one of the many uses of Event Companion app using iBeacons technology.


How would you describe that to a novice?

Event Companion app provides an ingenious way for companies to interact instantly with visitors to their show. Using the customer’s mobile device proximity sensors, iBeacons act like a lighthouse, triggering tailored messages about that location. Having multiple iBeacons at various locations at the show will enable different tailored messages to be sent. 

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Raising awareness of this powerful technology.


What are your biggest professional achievements to date?

Helping hundreds of companies move from paper-based capture forms, into using our LEADR Data Capture app to compliantly meet with the constantly changing data protection legislation. We help to strengthen people's privacy and confidentiality, especially when they are willing to divulge details about themselves for sales initiatives.


How do you feel about showcasing to potentially hundreds of people at Venturefest South?

We feel very excited and privileged to be able to share and showcase our cutting-edge solutions to an embracing audience in a pragmatic hands-on manner.


What are you hoping to get out of attending Venturefest South?

To demonstrate great British technology, to be able to showcase our solutions in a pragmatic manner.


Where do you see your company in five years time?

Helping companies leverage real value from their data, and to be helping push the 'Data Matters' vision to help companies move away from paper-based capture. Ultimately we want to use our data-driven services to make it easier for companies to deal with their customers.


What advice would you give to aspiring innovators?

Find a task or problem that your solution can help make it easier for the customer to use or buy. Innovation isn't about finding new problems; it's about finding cost-effective technical ways to resolve. Research the requirement fully and speak to as many people with passion as possible. Don't get blind-sided by brainstorming features, work on the benefits, always.

MediaBase Direct will be part of the Innovation Zone at the inaugural Venturefest South event taking place at Winchester Guildhall on 9th March – for more information and to book your tickets, visit