Going from strength to strength

Going from strength to strength

Netwatch, the world’s leader in remote visual surveillance monitors in excess of 33,000 security cameras both here in the UK and across the globe.

The principle behind the Netwatch System is crime prevention and thus, as Netwatch detects intruders before a crime is committed, they are in a position to stop that crime from taking place.

Since inception, Netwatch has gone from strength to strength, now operating in four continents with clients across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the USA. Netwatch recently expanded its international operations in North America with the opening of its New York office in June 2013, the second office to be opened in the United States alongside Boston.

The Netwatch system deploys the most advanced video processing technologies to alert Intervention Specialists in its Communication Hub to unacceptable behaviour on a clients' property, live personalised audio warnings are then issued to intruders, preventing criminal activity.

Heavily invested in R&D, Netwatch is committed to remaining the leader in the field of remote visual surveillance and thanks to the vast advancements in its proprietary software, Cratos; the system has prevented more than 40,000 crimes since its inception.

When Niall Kelly and David Walsh started Netwatch back in 2003, it was with a goal to create a fearless environment for their customers, a purpose that they and every single member of the Netwatch team still stand for today.

“Netwatch has always been a rule maker as opposed to a rule taker and as such we have always stood apart from the crowd. We, at Netwatch, identified early on who our ideal customer was and with a narrow focus we align everything that we do to meet their security goals,” explains David Walsh, CEO of Netwatch.

To set themselves apart in Netwatch, they realized that they needed to show their customers that they genuinely cared about them. Thus, they put the customer at the centre of everything they do; they listen to their needs and feedback. Netwatch’s in-house Research and Development Department, Netwatch Visual Labs, focuses all their innovations on delighting the customer. A sale is only good for any company if it is a good buy for the customer.

Regardless of which sector they fall under, each and every client Netwatch deals with aspires for the same objective; the peace of mind that their assets, business, home or family is securely protected.

At the centre of the Netwatch Strategy is the development of a customer service culture within the organisation. Netwatch are clear that in order to deliver on this strategy then the employee experience must mirror the customer experience.

To grow any company, you need to build a team around you and David Walsh is extremely proud of the strong team of people they have built who share the same core values as Niall and himself.

“Every member of staff in Netwatch understands that we have a moral obligation as well as a contractual one to provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service.”

This quality in service delivery also helped Netwatch to win numerous awards and accolades in 2013 such as Most Innovative Company in EMEA, Silver Stevie Award for Diversified Services as well as Ruban d’Honneur recipients for the European Business Award in Customer Focus.