Why CEOs really should care about employee engagement

Why CEOs really should care about employee engagement

When you look at similar companies and compare those that have low (traditional) levels of employee engagement against those that have high levels, you can see a phenomenal difference in their performances and cultures.

In fact the research is very clear and has been replicated all the way throughout North America and Europe and even across Asia.

So what can we expect to see when employee engagement goes up? Simply put, you will see an organic increase over many key performance areas:

  • Productivity goes up 30-40%
  • Business revenue goes up by 15-23%
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty increases

And when some things go up, other things must go down- typically:

  • Staff turnover will drop (one Vistage Member’s company dropped its turnover by 87% when they increased their levels of employee engagement or what we would refer to as a high performance culture)
  • Absenteeism declines
  • Sick leave declines
  • Theft rates declines
  • Accident rates decline

The remarkable thing about increasing the levels of engagement amongst your employees is that it yields real results without programmes focussed on making improvements in specific areas, instead these improvements will happen organically all at the same time.

The issue is that many business leaders and executive teams are stretched very thinly on time and effort, although they want to make changes, they can’t do everything all at once. So we must focus our time and push for those things that will create the best results with minimum effort.

Employee engagement is the tide that lifts all boats within the organisation. In fact when you look at the increase in business value that occurs when the CEO and senior leadership team focus on employee engagement, you quickly discover that there is no other single business issue that an organisation could focus on that will deliver a higher return at a lower cost.

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