Scolmore flies the flag for Staffordshire overseas

Scolmore flies the flag for Staffordshire overseas

Tamworth-based electrical accessories manufacturer and supplier Scolmore Group has seen sales soar following increasing demand from overseas.

Since landing its first export contract five years ago, Scolmore has seen its exporting grow substantially and has established itself on a global scale.

Over the past year alone the company has seen its range of products installed in major residential and commercial developments across the UK and internationally.

Scolmore’s export sales manager Jerome Leve said: “We only started exporting five years ago and are now selling our products all over the world.

“In the first three years, UKTI supported us in setting up overseas network and finding the right distributors.

“After three years when our networks were established we received support in showcasing our products at trade exhibitions in places like Qatar and Dubai.

“Now exports make up 10 % of our sales – so this has made a big difference to us.”

Scolmore is just one of 221 businesses to receive intensive export support from UKTI and the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Growth Hub in the past year.

Staffordshire County Council’s economy leader, Mark Winnington, added: “We can see from the Scolmore Group’s experience that this has been invaluable and is making a real difference to the company.

“It’s great to see Staffordshire produced goods making their mark across the world and contributing to our local growth and job creation.”