Kabloom blossoms in the US

Kabloom blossoms in the US

With a passion for eco-design and sustainability, entrepreneur Darren Wilson dreamt up the idea of Kabloom whilst studying at Robert Gordon University. Now, the company is helping brighten up cities across the globe.

Glasgow-born and grown, Kabloom is an eco-design product company producing eco-friendly gardening products with a difference.

Kabloom’s core product is the 'Seedbom'. Designed to beautify the urban environment around us, it's the brainchild of Darren Wilson, a green thinker who developed the idea whilst studying design at Robort Gordon.

The Seedbom is a simple product, as Wilson describes, "essentially, it's a friendly bomb - a recycled paper grenade that's filled with wildflower seeds. You pull the pin, throw it away and see what grows."

With his design skills and passion for sustainability, Wilson decided to start toying with the idea and to try and bring it to market. He said: "I knew I had something that could work, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. It’s been a very slow, organic process.

"I had the opportunity to make it bigger, change things and sell off my idea. But I wanted to see it through from start to finish. The funny thing is, the Seedbom was actually a sideline project at university, just a fun idea that I came up with."

As the idea blossomed into a successful business, Wilson knew he would have to increase supply in order to cater for increasing demand. With mounting international interest, he was beginning to wonder if he would be able to cope.

This led to him applying to Scottish Enterprise for a ‘Make it to Market’ grant, which has since helped the company expand into the US market.

He continued: "For a lot of small companies like myself, you get to that point where it comes to a head. We used to make the product in our workshop by hand, essentially. We got to a limit where we couldn’t make any more.

"A big client came along and we needed to meet that level of demand and international interest. So that's where Make it to Market came in."

Working with a distributor in the US, they found it both difficult and expensive to get the 'seeds' past strict US customs regulations.

But having already established a customer base and product, they were keen to move things forward and expand into the US regardless.

"We needed to work out how to tick that box, and we needed to upscale production" he remembers.

Using the grant funding for research and redevelopment, Kabloom began to develop prototyping and tooling for a new design.

"We basically redesigned our product to meet that market. Before, seeds were embedded in the walls of the Seedbom. We now have a hollow vessel that can be filled with seeds in the US."

Taking advantage of their new production model, Kabloom is now looking to the future with optimism.

"We're always finding new clients and businesses to work with. And I'm finding my feet in terms of running a bigger business.”

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