Droplet announces Zero Touch ™ technology

Droplet announces Zero Touch ™ technology

Mobile telephone payment app Droplet has unveiled a new Zero Touch™ function at Money 2020 Europe in Copenhagen.

Zero Touch™ means that customers of more than 400 signed-up retailers can choose to check-in to places automatically when they arrive, with their face and name immediately appearing on the point of sale screen so they can be charged for their purchase.

After the transaction is securely completed, the user will receive an instant push notification to tell them how much they’ve been charged.

Droplet CEO Steffan Aquarone believes it offers merchants the opportunity to improve the consumer experience.

“Imagine being able to walk in to your pub, restaurant, coffee shop or clothing retailer and getting treated like a star – greeted by name, given personalised treats, and having everything charged seamlessly to your account as if you owned the place,” he said.

Thanks to Zero Touch™ and Droplet this is now a relatity, with a growing number of merchants spread across ten UK cities including Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

He continued: “The accuracy of the technology means that in busy environments merchants can see exactly who is in the queue, charge people instantly and serve customers faster. “

Zero Touch™ is a major breakthrough for the company and complements existing plans to roll-out the app into ten new locations and the development of more contracts with large enterprises.