Innis & Gunn take on France

Innis & Gunn take on France

Innis & Gunn and Grupo Diego Zamora have teamed up in a joint venture company take on the French drinks market.

The new Paris-based SIP DRINKS SAS will see the pair import and distribute their respective drinks brands throughout France, with a clear focus on building their portfolio.

Vincent Heavey, general manager of SIP DRINKS SAS said: “By bringing together the expertise and experience of both Innis & Gunn and Grupo Diego Zamora, we believe SIP DRINKS will be a strong and dynamic company in the French market, which will offer an unequalled range of drinks options to on premise customers.”

Both Innis & Gunn and Grupo Diego Zamora will share all financial and team resources with a shared goal of progressive expansion.

Robert Eastham, Europe Region Director at Grupo Diego Zamora added:“In the complex organization of drinks distribution in the French market, creating SIP Drinks with Innis & Gunn is the ideal solution for Grupo Zamora and its partner to address the issues that route to market raise: brand focus, resources, attention to detail and more.

With SIP Drinks we have a dedicated and passionate team in place who are eager to pick up the challenges that not only apply to a new contender in the market, but also the challenges that our mutual premium brands need to address to gain success in this key European market”

SIP DRINKS’ current brand portfolio includes: Innis & Gunn, Licor 43, Villa Massa, Ramon Bilbao, Mar de Frades and Cruz de Alba.