Nissan announces record european sales

Nissan announces record european sales

Sunderland based car manufacturer Nissan has announced that european sales are at an all time high.

Nissan has announced european sales in Western Europe of 621,910, an increase of 9.4% on 2014 levels and an all-time high.

Nissan with Datsun’s European sales in financial year 2015 were in line with 2014 sales. March 2016 sales were also in line with the previous year; marking the sixth consecutive year of market share growth and consistently healthy sales since 2009.

Nissan sales increased in all major markets in Western Europe during 2015 with considerable increases in Germany, Italy, UK, France, and Spain.

The car manufacturer’s European sales were strengthened by the launch of NP300 Navara and the new longer range Leaf 30 kWh. The pioneering Nissan Qashqai crossover continues to go from strength to strength with more than 250,000 customers choosing it in the last financial year.

The Nissan LEAF, which is manufactured in Sunderland, leads the electric vehicle segment globally and sold 16,916 cars in Europe this outgoing fiscal year, setting a new annual record.

Guillaume Cartier, Nissan’s senior vice president sales and marketing Europe, said: “We have a commitment to continue to bring more to our customers – more choice, more value and more innovative and exciting products.

“Nissan stands apart from its class. We deliver quality and we continue to reinvent and break boundaries such as the new Nissan Micra which is launching this year. We are very excited about Nissan’s piloted drive Qashqai, featuring autonomous drive technologies, which will be coming to Europe in 2017”.

2016 marks the thirtieth Anniversary of Nissan’s UK plant in Sunderland which has produced more than 400,000 units for the sixth consecutive year.