Tag Digital: Around the World in 80 Trades

Tag Digital: Around the World in 80 Trades

After receiving a grant from Scottish Enterprise, Tag Digital began providing their own brand of analytics, advertising and tag management to clients all over the world. They have now been exporting for three years and have plans for further international expansion.

What does your company do?

Tag Digital are global PPC specialists, we provide online advertising, analytics and tag management  services to clients all over the world, mainly in the events sector.


How long has the company been exporting?

3 years


What do you currently export, and where to?

We have operated projects in 26 countries but currently we are working with clients in UAE, US, Netherlands, France, Germany, South Korea & Australia.


What motivated you to start selling overseas, and how long did it take?

We wanted to be a global company from the outset, as we knew our products and services have really no physical boundaries.  It probably took about 6 months from the conception to first campaign launch.


What is the easiest part of exporting?

That communication is so easy – between online project management tools and online telephone calls you are only ever a few hours behind in comms. The only time this can be slowed down is with time difference in West Coast US or Australia – but still is only ever a day.


And the most challenging part?

Being aware and respectful of cultural difference on and offline – for instance working on a conference in Saudi and ensuring the imagery & expectations of the event were respectful.  And learning about and defining the user behaviour patterns and differences, for instance in India the users are very curious but in the US or UK it can be difficult to get people’s attention.


Have language barriers, currency changes, etiquette and culture ever caused you any difficulties? How did you overcome them?

A lot of the work we do is in English, however around 20% of the campaigns we work on are translated.  The only issues we have had here are getting the correct dialect of Arabic for the region.

Barclays have supported us with multiple currency accounts, however we have had issues with currency fluctuations so use World First to aid with maximising payments in different currencies.


Did you get any support when you wanted to trade abroad? Who from, and was it helpful?

Yes, we got the Make it to Market grant from Scottish Enterprise, and they are going to be supporting us further through exporting.


What advice would you give to someone just starting to explore overseas markets?

Take the time to see what funding is available for you, we didn’t realise for a long time we could get support and it has made life much easier!  Employ the help of local contacts to understand the culture and how to create the best impression.

Only 6% of Scottish companies actually export or plan to export – don’t think of exporting as an impossible task, technology, low cost travel and government funding makes it a hugely exciting opportunity.


Any regrets?

That we didn’t start sooner!


Where next? What markets are you looking into and where do you see the company in 5 years time?

We will be continuing expansion in the countries we are already in,  but we have specific interests in Australia and Russia.

In 5 years time, the goal is that we remain a fairly small – but extremely specialist agency,  have a wider reach in terms of international clients and have fun travelling with a great team all over the world.