Nomad wins new global contracts

Nomad wins new global contracts

Newcastle-based Nomad Digital, which provides wireless connectivity and ICT solutions to the rail industry, has recently signed a clutch of new contracts with major international rail customers.

The new contracts and extensions ensure Nomad’s solutions and service delivery continues to meet the demands of its customers and their passengers alike.

These contract extensions provide a solid platform of recurring revenue across Nomad’s global operations, where its share of connected trains has grown significantly over the last three years.

This growth has enabled Nomad to make continued investments in service delivery capabilities across all markets to support customer demands.

In recent months, Nomad has signed multi-year service agreements with major customers in the USA and Canada, spanning between three and five years, as well as signing significant agreements with customers in the UK, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.

These agreements cover a wide range of Nomad’s products and solutions, including WiFi connectivity, passenger information services (PIS), media & infotainment, and Condition Based Maintenance.

Real-time predictive monitoring and timely fleet reporting are not only critical to providing world-class support to its customers, they also allow Nomad to continually explore more innovative ways of delivering improved services.

Stephen Lathan, Nomad’s global customer services director O&M, said: “Our service delivery solutions are constantly evolving through listening to our customers’ needs and refining our offer.

“Investing in innovative monitoring tools is based on learnings from our expertise on the predictive remote condition maintenance side of our business.

“What distinguishes Nomad within the rail industry is our continued ongoing investment with our customers after our solutions have been installed.

“These scalable solutions provide the flexibility to integrate more innovative ways of delivering improved services, as the demands of our customers and their passengers increase.

“We are managing more fleets than anyone in the world based on solid foundations of developing strong partnerships where we can fully support our global customers in their territories and from our Newcastle head office.”

“Nomad is measured on how well and quickly it responds to queries through a service level agreement, where it can gain credits or be penalised,

“This service maintenance element of our work is stringently monitored to ensure we provide customers with the highest level of service that they expect from us.”