Healthy growth for Nosh Detox

Healthy growth for Nosh Detox

Corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, Geeta Sidhu-Robb founded Nosh Detox back in 2008 after fighting to provide her ill son with a healthy, allergy-free diet. Eight years on, the company is now established across Europe and has recently expanded into the US.

Geeta set up her own business, Nosh Detox, after retraining as a food technician and nutritionist to independently find a cure for her son - then aged 7 - when no medic was able to help.

Her focus was on allergy free foods, nutrition, diet and organic produce; she was determined she could make him fit and well through nutrition, despite doctors believing only steroids and drugs were the way to control his conditions. 

Speaking to BQ, she said: “I really had no intention of setting one up to be honest. I was a corporate lawyer specialising in oil and gas, I got divorced and it ended up that I had 3 small children under the age of seven to support and put through life and school.

“I could have kept working but I travelled so much so I had to make some hard decisions, ultimately I decided I wanted to be able to spend time with my kids because my son had been so ill he’d spent nearly two years in hospital.

“He had severe allergies and anaphylaxis and I was worried I would go to work and by some tragic feeding error he’d end up dead so I decided to stay at home.

“But I was receiving no financial support at all so had to find a way to pay the bills immediately.”

Geeta’s mothering instinct paid off – and with her son fit and healthy – her mission was complete. Almost. “One thing I knew how to do was to help people get strong and healthy, as I had cured my son of eczema and asthma,” she added.

“At about the same time, my best friend came to me and was moaning about being fat, I was really dismissive about it as a problem and wrote up a list for her to follow.

“She lost all the extra weight within weeks and came to me saying ‘you know, people would pay you for this!’” And Nosh Detox was born.

The innovative and multi award-winning company produces freshly made, non-pasteurised juice diets, detox and nutritional plans, delivered across Europe and the UK.

Over the past eight years the company has continued to grow and now boasts the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Georgia May Jagger and Cara and Poppy Delevingne as clients, and is set to turnover £2m this year.

“We are spending this year in expansion and seeing which model works best for that,” Geeta said. “We are a high touch business so creating a solution which will work in different locations has always been a difficult idea.

“However we’ve been experimenting and have had some successes.  We will open in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge in July which is a fantastic brand partnership.”

The company has also had a huge impact overseas having opened an office in Texas last year and shipping worldwide via its online store.

Geeta said: “International clients account for around 15% of our customers without having invested in growing that sector. I think that is a market that has huge potential.”

When asked where she sees the company in five years time, she said: “I see us as a global wellness provider offering health solutions for high performing individuals.  I like the idea of an IPO having come from a corporate law background, but that’s for the future.  I want to build a hugely profitable business so that is our primary aim.”