ChargePoint Technology report surge in Chinese sales

ChargePoint Technology report surge in Chinese sales

ChargePoint Technology have enjoyed 150% growth in new equipment sales in Asia, driven by China’s ambitions to become a major player in global pharma.

The Liverpool-based bio-tech company reported the huge surge of £300,000 for the first quarter of 2016 and credited the success of their AseptiSafe and high containment PharmaSafe Pro valves for a sizeable in sales in China alone.

The AseptiSafe valve creates a sterile area the size of a dinner plate, and reduces the need for the large-scale clean rooms and isolators to keep drug manufacturing areas sterile.

The device also speeds up production, protects operators from hazardous products and keeps raw materials free from bacterial contamination with a unique approach.

ChargePoint Technology use a patented hydrogen peroxide decontamination cycle in their valve to destroy contaminants and bacteria, improving its efficiency.

The Chinese pharma industry uses Charge Point’s valves to comply with the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) strict health and safety rules, allowing China to grow their pharmaceutical manufacturing market.

Tony O’Sullivan, global sales and marketing director, said: “China has woken up to the containment market and is now using more valves for transfers of potent materials, rather than just sterile transfers for vaccine manufacturing.

“We’ve been working for many years in Asia educating the region about containment of hazardous ingredients and they have realised its value.

“The growth in Asia could mean that one day the East will match the West, where the US and Europe are currently the biggest single marketplaces for sales our containment transfer devices.

“We have also opened new sales channels in South America and further parts of Europe and are reaping the rewards from building our network of agents across the world.

ChargePoint Technology also reported a £1m in sales across their global territories including North America, Europe and India.

Tony added: “After an excellent 2015, we are very happy with the results for the start of this year and as ChargePoint’s position in the world of global pharma continues to strengthen, we are confident we will build on our success for the rest of the year.”