Scottish cheese heads stateside

Scottish cheese heads stateside

A new dairy brand, the Scottish Dairy brand, by Scottish Development International will be introducing its product selection to a new US audience at a food show in New York City.

The brand has been developed to meet the increasing US demand for products with Scottish provenance.

It will include the launch of an exclusive logo that will be used on premium Scottish dairy products in America, signifying that they are made using 100% Scottish milk.

SDI has also partnered with US food important Atlanta who will import some of Scotland’s best cheese across the country.

At the Summer Fancy Foods Show in New York City, Atalanta will launch the new Connage Dunlop and Orkney Smoked Red cheddars, with several more in the weeks following the show.

James Withers, chief executive of Scotland Food & Drink said: “The launch of the Scottish Dairy brand with Atalanta in the US market is a major milestone for the dairy sector. During the Summer Fancy Foods Show in New York, we’re showcasing Scotland’s larder to buyers from across North America.

“The new dairy export brand allows the industry here capitalise on this increasing international interest.

“There is a growing appetite in the US and Canada for premium produce with strong Scottish provenance credentials and is great to see our dairy sector start to really capitalise on that.”

Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said:“We know that Scotland is home to some of the best dairy producers and now people across the US will be able to buy some of our favourite cheeses.

“Scottish food and drink is booming – with exports of our produce worth £4.9bn in 2015.  People recognise that a Made in Scotland brand means high quality, tasty food and now dairy products will benefit from that brand. I hope that our dairy sector will now be on the same platform as Scotch Beef, salmon and whisky.

“The dairy sector’s future is of real importance to Scotland and despite having had a difficult few years, the new Dairy Brand will help consumers support Scottish producers and help in marketing our excellent produce around the world.”




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