'Exporting is easy' says ParcelHero

'Exporting is easy' says ParcelHero

Small and medium-sized businesses shouldn’t be afraid of making the step to sell their products overseas; whether to the EU or beyond, according to international courier ParcelHero.

As UK businesses seek to plan their future following the recent Brexit vote, over 3,000 delegates flocked to this year’s International Festival for Business (IFB2016) at the Conference Centre, Liverpool.

Speaking at the event, international courier ParcelHero told delegates attending an ‘Exporting is GREAT’ masterclass organised by UKTI that exporting is not only great, but easy – and will remain so post-Brexit.

ParcelHero’s head of consumer research and public relations, David Jinks MILT, told the audience that small and medium-sized enterprises shouldn’t be afraid of making the step to sell their products overseas; whether to the EU or beyond.

David talked the audience through the different stages involved in exporting products and how these should develop as a business grows. The discussion covered topics from effective packaging, to swift customs clearance, tariff codes and various new initiatives that have made trade with the US and other areas more cost effective.

And David had this to say in answer to the many questions about trading with Europe post-Brexit: “For now nothing has changed and we continue to enjoy the benefits of being a member of a trading area with no tariffs, border delays and customs red tape. We very much hope that whatever new-look government emerges will be able to ensure we are not hit by new tariffs, and that the UK does not seek to impose tit-for-tat tariffs of our own.”

He added: “What the vote does do is help businesses focus on other global markets. Businesses that become members of a service such as ParcelHero, or - as they expand - appoint a distributor or use a 3PL, will have the benefit of their expertise and intervention to help sort out issues surrounding customs procedures etc.

“They will discover that with the help of an expert partner to lean on, exporting beyond the EU is significantly easier than they may have imagined.”

Delegates from over 100 countries attended IFB2016; the world’s largest business festival.


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