Fish kiosk encourages Fife to buy local

Fish kiosk encourages Fife to buy local

A new initiative led by the Fishermen's Mutual Association (Pittenweem) Ltd (FMAP) is set to encourage more people in the area to eat fresh, local seafood caught around the Fife coastline.

Locally sourced lobster, crab and langoustine caught in the Firth of Forth is now on sale to locals at a brand new FMAP Seafood Kiosk set up at Pittenween Harbour, and ran by local fishmonger George Allan.

The outlet, which has already proved popular with locals, has been open since the end of June and will be open every day until the end of August.

This is the first time the fish has been on sale directly to consumers; normally it is only available to trade buyers in the neighbouring fish market, with 95% of the annual catch exported to Spain, Italy and France

Tom Mackenzie of FMAP said: "It is no secret that Scotland exports the majority of the fish and shellfish caught around its shores, with many Scots not realising that the delicious seafood they are enjoying on holiday in Spain has actually come from just up the road at home.

"Fife's coastline is brimming with delicious shellfish and the aim of this kiosk to give people an easy way to pick some up for themselves and try at home. Fish is healthy and delicious and I believe it tastes that wee bit better when you know just how fresh and local it is."

Geoffrey Smeddle, chef proprietor of the Michelin starred Peat Inn near St Andrews, added: "Scottish seafood is prized by top chefs on the continent and yet strangely hard for members of the public to buy here.

“In an area blessed with outstanding produce, this wonderful initiative marks the most exciting development, bringing exquisite local seafood to local consumers."



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