Talking business with ChattyFeet

Talking business with ChattyFeet

From Kate Middle-Toe to Vincent Van Toe, two entrepreneurs bringing joy to adults through their funky celebrity inspired socks are seeing business boom after breaking into 10 overseas markets. BQ found out how they made it happen...

ChattyFeet was launched by close friends Gil Kahana and Humberto De Sousa in London back in December 2012.

The business stems from a gathering of friends when Gil lifted his feet in the air and asked, ‘What if my socks could talk like a sock puppet?’

Not everyone got it but a few days after Kahana and De Sousa discussed the concept and decided to bring the idea to life.

Never would they have thought, it was about to lead to the birth of a business spanning 10 overseas markets.

“The inspiration came from all things humorous,” said Gil. “Life can get too serious at times and ChattyFeet gives the perfect excuse to get silly and play more.

“We help kids and adults to have more silly moments in their lives with our funny sock personalities. For example, Kate Middle-Toe, Prof. Brian Sox, Vincent Van Toe and many others. Whenever you take of your shoes, ChattyFeet characters spring to life and bring a smile!”

The duo set out manufacturing the socks and decided to give each design its own name, face and personality.

From this, the company has grown to create socks for all ages and has also expanded its product range to include household accessories and gift sets.

Gil added: “In our first year, we sold in markets and online stores. It was all about stepping on the shoulders of giants.

“In our second year, we exhibited in two trade shows and sold to Fenwick and John Lewis. In addition, we added kids socks to our range.”

Chattyfeet Kate Middletoe

After securing contracts with major names such as Fenwick and John Lewis, and selling its products through notonthehighstreet, the duo knew they were on to something special.

In a bid to grow the business, Kahana and De Sousa decided in their third year to look into the idea of exporting their products overseas.

“The third year was about expanding our operation outside the UK. We have established connections with distributers and sales agents in Australia, Taiwan, Switzerland and France.

“We have also worked with Warner Music to create socks for Ed Sheeran’s Tour and a limited edition for the subscription service Zbox.”

The decision to explore overseas markets proved a shrewd one and ChattyFeet is now selling its products across the globe and has ambitious plans for the future.

“We had a great success with our Artist Sock Collection,” Gil added. “We sold it in Tate and three other museums around the world. The collection will also be available in Japan soon.

“On top of this, our Kate Middle-Toe design has been instagrammed by the British Vogue and featured in Grazia France.

“ChattyFeet is now sold in 10 countries and it feels great to see people from so many places interested in what we do.”

Speaking about the future, Gil concluded: “This year, we are planning to come up with new exciting products.

“It’s all still on the sketching board, but stay tuned and check our website in a few months from now!”