Collaboration to create the UK’s biggest export directory

Collaboration to create the UK’s biggest export directory

Five major high street banks have signed up to work with the new Department for International Trade to revolutionise the way businesses access international markets.

Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest and Santander are getting behind the government’s drive to populate a new and unique Directory of Exporters, which will link companies with contacts from around the world.

Potential customers and buyers from global markets will be able to search for companies across the UK which are ready to supply the products, services and skills they require.

The government and banks see this collaboration as the critical first stage in creating a ground-breaking service, aiming to make it easier for UK companies to start exporting.  Further details of the service will be revealed in the run up to its launch in November.

Business customers of the five banks will be encouraged to join the directory to take advantage of the opportunity to promote themselves globaly.  

Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox, said: “The new Department for International Trade is perfectly placed to bring together the whole of government, industry and our extensive overseas network to help UK businesses win lucrative deals.

“We want to help UK businesses scale up and take advantage of the global appetite for British goods and services, as well as to demonstrate that there has never been a better time for international companies to partner with UK suppliers.

“The first of its kind, this directory will deliver a unique and new route to global markets, promoting British goods and services on an unprecedented scale. With this kind of creativity and collaborative working between government and industry, I’m confident that we can make the whole of the UK a beacon for open trade around the world.”

Christine Hamilton, acting regional director for UKTI West Midlands, spoke on behalf of the other regional directors when she said: “This is a great new initiative which will provide another way for businesses to export. The Directory of Exporters will create a truly modern trading relationship between UK businesses and the rest of the world, providing a real boost to our exports.

“This new digital platform is another example of the government’s commitment to shaping a bright future for the UK as a global trading nation and builds on the impressive work already underway - including the Exporting is GREAT campaign - to give a vital boost to budding exporters.”

The agreement also includes measures to help the UK track progress in exports more closely, with banks pledging to work with the government on quarterly data. Together with the directory, this forms part of the Department for International Trade’s plans to leverage digital channels more than ever before stimulating demand for, and supply of, UK exports and investment into the UK.


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