Greece is the word for Lockpoint

Greece is the word for Lockpoint

Newcastle-based Lockpoint, which aims to protect against attacks on cash machines, has secured its first order outside the UK.

The company has secured a deal with a major international security company to supply its Gryphon3 product to the Greek market as part of a major trial. The value of the contract has not been disclosed.

The move comes in response to a rising threat to Greece’s ATMs from criminals who blow off the doors to access the cash inside.

Lockpoint chief executive Bill Price said: “The ability of our Gryphon3 to provide the ultimate protection against both armed attack and gangs with explosives makes it the ideal product to counter the twin threats in Greece. The Gryphon will not prevent attacks but if the cash is protected, experience shows the threat quickly declines.”

The original Gryphon was developed to counter the threat from armed gangs to the cash teams who replenish ATMs. It comprises a set of sophisticated interlocking steel doors that protect the four ATM cash drawers.

Lockpoint began development of the Gryphon3 when it became clear that the original Gryphon could also protect an ATM against explosive attack but needed some modifications to be certain.

The company teamed up with world-leading explosion research company, Gexcon, and proved the product’s resilience in both laboratory and, subsequently, in front of an invited industry audience, in the field.

Among witnesses at the live testing was DC Adrian Roberts, of the West Midlands Organised Crime Unit and UK representative to Interpol on ATM gas attacks. He said afterwards: “I am really impressed. The machine protected the cash, which is obviously what the criminals are after, and hopefully it will be a massive deterrent to them.”

Bill Price said: “We are especially pleased to notch up this export sale, having worked hard with our partners at UK Trade & Investment to improve our international communication message.”


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