The beautiful game hits the road

The beautiful game hits the road

While travelling the world entrepreneur Kai Rigby was hit with a business idea that combined his love of travel with his love of football. He caught up with BQ to tell us more...

Inspired after spending years travelling the world, coupled with his love of football, Kai Rigby decided to launch Football Road Trips, Europe’s first and only travel package company specifically for football fans.

While travelling through the Amazon, Kai hatched a plan alongside his friend James while watching the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Football Road Trips arranges trips to football matches across multiple countries over a long weekend, travelling in comfortable minibuses, including luxurious leather-seated Mercedes buses, and offering additional leisure items such as TVs and Playstations.

 Each tour also provides a guide with in depth knowledge of each city visited, meaning that customers never have to worry about what to do when they have some free time.

“I love the buzz of going to new places and feeling that excitement of the unknown. My love for football, and the atmosphere it generates, was also key in my decision to start Football Road Trips,” said founder Kai Rigby.

“I’ve always loved meeting new people and we as a company encourage that with the nature of our packages.”

“We use good hotels, we have experienced guides and the minibuses we use are top of the range.

“Our business is all about the customer experience and that shines through from the very first email enquiry, right through to the end of the trip and beyond.”

Part of the Birmingham Entrepreneurial Spark hatchery, Kai and the team recently secured a £10,000 cash prize from the business accelerator, after Football Road Trips was named Entrepreneur of the Moment.

“The Entrepreneur of the Moment award was the top prize over a 6 month period in the programme. I was competing against every other business to win it and there are some fantastic companies there so I am thrilled to be able to say I have won it,” said Kai.

Yet, despite only being in business for a year, Kai’s Entrepreneur of the Moment award is not Football Road Trips’ only achievement.

“I have turned Football Road Trips into a 40k a month turnover business in just a year, despite us spending a total of £1,000 on advertising on social media and absolutely no outside investment or marketing expertise,” said Kai.

“We are currently growing at a rate that even I didn’t expect, and I am generally a bit over optimistic!”

However, his optimism is not misplaced, as Kai already has big plans for the future- including taking the business global: “We will be operating intercontinentally with our packes to include flights from numerous Asian and US cities to Europe where will do extended road trips taking in more games and more sights for people who aren’t from Europe but have a passion for the beautiful game.”


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