Hello Soda in US expansion

Hello Soda in US expansion

Manchester-based big data analytics firm Hello Soda has expanded into the USA with a new office in Austin, Texas.

The new office will help Hello Soda service its growing US client base as well as providing a platform for further expansion.

The downtown office, based in Austin’s financial district, will be headed up by international strategies director Ben Allott who has been part of Hello Soda since its conception three years ago. 

With its international headquarters in Manchester and offices in Bangkok, the office launch firmly establishes Hello Soda as a global, 24-hour business.

James Blake, founder and CEO of Hello Soda, said: “When we started up the business in 2013, we recognised the potential that big data analytics held and knew we could play a pivotal part in the FinTech revolution.

“Now, just three years on, our international presence has been fully cemented and we operate around the globe 24 hours a day.” 

To find out more about Blake and Hello Soda, read his latest Meet the MD interview with BQLive.


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