Love Bomb Cushions lands emoji® licence

Love Bomb Cushions lands emoji® licence

Love Bomb Cushions have signed a licence agreement with the emoji company GmbH to produce and sell officially branded merchandise including cushions, plush shaped keychains, shelf buddies and foot cushions.

The licence was granted by Global Merchandising Services Ltd who represent the emoji company GmbH in the UK and USA.

The family-owned company, which makes emoji themed cushions and gifts, has been trading for a year and hopes to soon become the market leader in novelty cushions.

Since opening last September, the business has doubled its warehouse space to satisfy growing demand, and is exploring international markets with interest from Holland and the USA.

Operations director at Love Bomb Cushions, Carl Agar-Brennan, said: “Ensuring only the highest quality of production has never been more important. We’re so proud to be partner with the official emoji® brand and this means we are more determined than ever to maintain not only the quality of our products, but the ethical production line.”

As an ethical company, Love Bomb Cushions aim to revolutionise the novelty industry, while raising the national standards on what can be expected to see from novelty products.

Commenting on the company’s partnership with GmbH, Love Bomb Cushion’s director, Sarah Agar-Brennan said: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to look at not only the most frequently used icons, but the ones that are popular that go under the radar.

“Our team are excited to select the new lines from the emoji company’s enormous asset library.”


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