Business encouraged to attend BIOS ImportExport conference

Business encouraged to attend BIOS ImportExport conference

Following news that 50% of all exports from Scotland are done by just 50 companies, the BIOS Import Export conference is aiming to bring together companies to share the export journey and learn about how they can grow their offering outside of Scotland.

In a recent Scottish government review, the need to increase Scottish exports was highlighted. The review identified two areas that were causing barriers to export for Scottish SMEs; companies not knowing where to start, and access to finance.

This year’s BIOS Export Import Conference is aimed at tackling there two areas. BIOS provides a forum in which SMEs interested in import export are able to collaborate, knowledge share, and interact with companies who have been through (or are going through) the process.  

Speakers have been selected for the event to represent different stages of the import export process.

Paul Grant, chairman of Mackays, represents an established foothold in the export market. Mackays is a leading Scottish food company exporting to over 50 countries worldwide. 

Meanwhile, Fiona Houston, co-founder of Mara Seaweed, represents an “up-and-coming” brand, and a relative new comer to exporting. Mara Seaweed is new to the market and export game but making a big splash with a niche product. Now exporting a range of seaweed flakes, powders and blends across the UK, USA and Europe, Fiona has driven the company’s growth from concept to an award-winning innovative food brand.  In 2015 she won BQ’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  

Emma Meredith, director of Internationalisation at Edinburgh College brings an academic and service based element to BIOS.  Edinburgh college sell and deliver courses worldwide from their Edinburgh base.

Emil Stickland, director, Thrive Digital will be providing a workshop, aimed at helping SMEs to develop their international online presence. In conjunction with BIOS, Thrive Digital have created a white paper to help Scottish SMEs think about how they can use online as a cost effective means of export.

Being knowledgeable about the “next big thing” can help SMEs to be first to market. With this in mind, Penny Heyes, director at The Digital Agenda will be discussing The Internet of Things.

The BIOS conference is set to be an interactive day with VIP talks and facilitated Q&A sessions taking place during the morning, and intimate discussion and debate in the afternoon seminars. BIOS staff will be on hand throughout the day to make introductions and ensure everyone gets value.


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