Further US expansion for Interact

Further US expansion for Interact

Interact, a provider of intelligent intranets with its global headquarters in Manchester, has continued US expansion with the opening of its new office in San Francisco, to be led by founder and CEO Nigel Danson.

Since opening its first US office in New York in 2014, the company has achieved growth both globally and specifically in the US region.

Interact has focused on building a collaboration platform that is people focused rather than content focused. Servicing over 1,000,000 users, its flexible and scalable solution helps companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and streamline internal processes.

To date in 2016, Interact has seen a significant increase in enterprise sales, with its enterprise customer revenue doubling from 2015 to 2016. This has been further bolstered by the recent acquisition of Piedmont Healthcare, with nearly 14,000 users dispersed across the US.

To accommodate this growth, CEO Nigel Danson has moved to San Francisco to head up the new US headquarters, with future plans to open an office in London later this year, led by long term CTO Simon Dance, who has recently been appointed UK CEO.

Danson states: “Operating on both the East and West coast of the US puts us in a strong position to work with many more forward thinking organizations across the US, and continue to deliver excellent service to our existing US customer base.

“What we have created is a platform that is intelligent and collaborative. The fact we already have some 750 companies using Interact software is testament to the people focused approach we took from the start”, Danson continues.

With new US customers such as Piedmont Healthcare now on board, Interact now provides its intranet software solutions to more than 160 US based customers and has a strong new business pipeline.