Around the world in 80 trades: Kommand

Around the world in 80 trades: Kommand

Set up in 2012 by three entrepreneurs in Glasgow who wanted to help SME's build their first websites, Kommand is now taking on the world. The first has been exporting for three years and already has clients in the United Arab Emirates, the Ukraine, Georgia, Pakistan and the Netherlands. Co-founder Gordon Higgins caught up with BQ to tell us more...

Kommand is a technology software firm set up by Gordon Higgins, Yusuf Chaudry and Jamie Newlands in 2012. Based in Glasgow, the firm provides an affordable software as a service (SAAS) solution to help SME’s build ecommerce and CMS websites.

"We wanted to provide SME businesses a solution that allowed them to do business online, but an affordable solution that actually worked," explained Gordon Higgins.

"Generally, all other products at this level of investment just don’t tick the boxes technologically to drive sales or leads for businesses so we created Kommand to fill the gap."

Now the firm has been exporting globally for three years, with clients in the United Arab Emirates, the Ukraine, Georgia, Pakistan and the Netherlands.

"We sell our software all over the world and currently have deals tied off with Vodafone in the Ukraine, Geocell in Georgia and Ufone in Pakistan," said Gordon.

"They use our product to deliver websites for their customers, we also sell our product direct to a number of customers around the globe.

"We saw some great opportunities to use our product in the MENA regions as they are developing quickly online and need a good option to deliver a website for their businesses, we felt the UK was a little over saturated and that’s why we targeted countries in these regions.

While the company has already recorded a string of successes when it comes to exporting, there are still many major barriers to cross, with difficulties including distance and long decision times.

"Don’t expect anything to happen quickly depending on who you are dealing with it can take a while," warns Gordon. "Be prepared to travel and be away from home for periods of time."

Dealing with currency changes can also bring their own battles.

"We have some things to consider going forward as a lot of our international sales are in dollars so this presents challenges," adds Gordon.

"We are looking at various options for this, mainly opening dollar accounts to hold them in that currency until we need to transfer."

Alongside making some changes to some of the technical aspects of exporting, Gordon and the team are also hoping to expand their reach.

"We are looking at over 65 countries at the moment and are planning to target a number of mobile carriers in these countries. Hopefully in 5 years the business will be much bigger and taking on more staff."