Iranian success for James Briggs

Iranian success for James Briggs

Oldham-headquartered aerosol specialist James Briggs Ltd has secured its first Iranian sales as its international expansion continues.

James Briggs, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of aerosols and consumer chemicals, has successfully entered another emerging market after securing a deal with Iran-based protective coating specialists Dana Chem.

The deal will see the manufacturer supply Dana Chem with its branded Hycote products, a market-leading automotive and specialist paint range. Manufactured in Royton since 1982, the Hycote range includes products for vehicle paint, maintenance and valet.

CEO Tim Pugh said: “James Briggs has continued to realise its strategy of targeting new international territories, such as Iran, that are receptive to high quality, British-developed products.

“While Brexit has meant a necessary realigning of our export activity, our wider strategy has always looked beyond the single market and we’re confident it will continue to serve us well in the near and long-term.

“Our partnership with Dana Chem marks the beginning of an exciting new era for James Briggs, and we look forward to expanding our presence in Iran as our partnership and products begin to gain traction.”

Despite initial trepidation over Britain’s exporting future following the EU Referendum, a weakened pound has seen UK export activity rise by +8% to its highest level since 2014 and James Briggs is reaping the benefits.

The new partnership with Dana Chem is the latest in a string of international firsts for the North West chemical manufacturer, having entered new markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East in the past 18 months.


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