Exporting success for Shropshire manufacturer

Exporting success for Shropshire manufacturer

A Shropshire manufacturer has set its sights on expanding its sales arm overseas following a promising start to the year.

Haydox @ The Wood Yard, which manufactures and distributes access equipment for the offshore oil and gas sector, become part of The Wood Yard in the summer of 2015 and since then has seen 75% if its sales reach six countries in just over 12 months.

Thanks to support for the Department for International Trade (DIT) the firm has big growth plans for 2017.

Haydox @ The Wood Yard already exports to United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore.

Increasing demand for its products means it now has its sights firmly on new markets in the Arab Gulf, South East Asia and the Far East.

Andrew Haydock, managing director of the Wood Yard has participated in a number of DIT export programmes, including strategic export workshops, and has been supported by digital trade advisers on web and social media platforms, improving search engine optimisation and designing a website for international markets.

He has also received advice from Coventry University-based IntaTrade, on matters such as routes to market, intellectual property and copyright and branding in overseas markets.

Andrew Haydock said: “The support we’ve had from the DIT really has helped us to push us further in our ambitions. While we knew what we wanted to do, getting the support and mentoring from our ITA has enabled us to look at how we can explore new opportunities.

“We’re very excited about our plans for 2017 and we’ll continue to work with our international trade adviser as we grow our markets.”

Christine Hamilton, interim regional director for DIT West Midlands, praised the company for focusing on driving its overseas trade.

She said: “It has tapped into an in-demand sector and is providing vital access equipment to a range of offshore companies and I’m delighted that the work The Wood Yard is doing with our Shropshire team is yielding positive results. Its success demonstrates the value of working with our ITAs.

“With our support and guidance, companies can access whole new markets, which help them to strengthen their business, lead to expansion and the creation of jobs in the local economy.”



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