Masterclass to help Yorkshire take on China

Masterclass to help Yorkshire take on China

A special masterclass will teach businesses in West Yorkshire about how they can use the internet to export goods to China.

The two-hour event, hosted by Chamber International, at Deloitte LLP, Leeds, will provide insights into key opportunities for businesses in the region to use e-commerce to enter into the Chinese market.

Insights on how China’s consumers use e-commerce, the differences between key platforms and a step-by-step guide to the logistics of online exporting, will be provided by Chamber International’s China affairs associate, Matthew Grandage, and Scott Muir, founder of London-based digital marketing company, Regroup Media, which specialises in online selling to China.

The Chinese already do more than 13% of their retail shopping online, higher than the EU average of below 10%.

Matthew Grandage said: “Chinese consumers love to buy fashion, accessories, cosmetics, baby care and healthcare products online but there are also rapidly growing online markets for food, beverages, pet products, toys and much more.

“The Chinese also love UK quality and design. Even companies in industrial and service sectors will benefit greatly if they can understand and engage with China’s Internet culture.  Some UK companies now do most of their business with China online because they made the smart move to get in early, and did it well.

“E-commerce and digital marketing are bringing these barriers down, and opening up new markets in China for businesses like these and our masterclass will show them how to do it."


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