Craft Beer sees a rise in the US

Craft Beer sees a rise in the US

The popularity of craft beer is on the rise in the US, with figures from the US Brewer’s Association revealing an 8% rise in the first six months of the year.

Almost all of the 5,000 breweries included were small and independent craft brewers.

A spin off to all this success has been the growth in "Craft Beer Tourist" The Brewers Association estimates that over 10 million people toured Small and Independent Craft Breweries, while more than 7% of craft sales happen at the source—the brewery.

The Arran Brewery has been running a visitor centre since 2000 and its managing director, Gerald Michaluk, said: "Tourists play a vital roll in our business success and account for around 10% of our turnover. 

"With us opening the Loch Earn Brewery as a visitor center we are keen to see Scotland develop the full potential of this growing market. 

"If Scotland takes advantage of this opportunity, with over 100 brewers, it will I feel have a similar success that is enjoyed in the US.

"It is small and independent breweries, like Arran, that are leading the way in showcasing Scotland’s rich brewing heritage and promoted more of its fantastic offering of locally produced craft beers."