Around the World in 80 Trades: SUEZ Purification and Disinfection Systems

Under the Triogen brand, Suez Purification and Disinfection Systems provide water treatment systems for private pools, commercial pools, aquariums, aqua culture, ponds, water features and industry. We caught up with them to find out how they do this worldwide.

What does your company do?

Design, manufacture, service and repair of Ozone, Ultraviolet and AOP water treatment systems marketed under triogen® brand. This equipment is supplied worldwide and offers superior disinfection for a wide range of applications, private pools, commercial pools, aquariums, aqua culture, ponds and water features and industry.

When was your company launched, who by and why?

Created in 1989 (genuinely a department of Barr+Wray, Glasgow) and based in Scotland, Triogen Ltd. is one of the world’s leading design and manufacturing companies specialising in ozone and UV systems for all types of swimming pool applications as well as industrial water treatment, and has over thirty years experience in pool water treatment. It is recognised as a quality product supplier offering full after sales service as well as worldwide commissioning and servicing.

Triogen Ltd. supplies its products through a global network of specialist distributors, Degrémont Technologies and Ozonia subsidiaries. As a UK manufacturer, Triogen Ltd. is also very active in Industrial Water Treatment and offers a full range of UV systems for multiple applications as well as the full range of Ozonia products for this territory.

Triogen is a subsidiary of the SUEZ group and will now be unified under the single brand. SUEZ is a global company and has developed no fewer than 40 different brands (Degrémont, Triogen, Ozonia etc.), in the course of its international growth and the integration of new activities. 

How long has the company been exporting?

25 years

What do you currently export, and where to?

Water treatment equipment is sent globally, to countries including the EU, Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan), India, South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), Far east (China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau), Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada…

What motivated you to start selling overseas, and how long did it take?

Good question. UK limited market size probably. The climate here doesn’t have the same demands in the private pool section.

What is the easiest part of exporting?

None. We have to consider different freight costs and modes of freight, varied paperwork for each individual customer, and different payment methods. This can be time consuming.

And the most challenging part?

Sales expenses, customs issues, different cultures and rules, local competition.

Have language barriers, currency changes, etiquette and culture ever caused you any difficulties? How did you overcome them?

Yes all the time. Experience, skills and positive mind-set are crucial. Also helps having employees who are multi-lingual within the company.

Did you get any support when you wanted to trade abroad? Who from, and was it helpful?

Yes, from Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise. They were very supportive and offered assistance and guidance in this field.

What advice would you give to someone just starting to explore overseas markets?

Be prepared, courageous and persevere!

Where next? What markets are you looking into and where do you see the company in 5 years time?

Good question… likely Asia will remain one of the first targets. Also looking at expanding into private health and rehabilitation pools.

SUEZ Purification and Disinfection Systems Ltd have been shortlisted in the Export Team of the Year category at the HSBC Scottish Export Awards 2017 in association with Scottish Enterprise. Join us on 22 March to celebrate international trade across Scotland.