Baltic Industrial Park in Riga expands

Baltic Industrial Park in Riga expands

Development continues at BIP

LNK Properties, the biggest real estate developer in Latvia (turnover €5m in 2013), is currently fulfilling the second stage of development in its Baltijas Industrialais Parks (Baltic Industrial Park, BIP). BIP is one of the major warehouse, production, trading and office building complexes in Riga, located within 10 minutes ride from the Old Town, on 7 Piedrujas St.

The industrial park was put into commission in 2002 after the 1st construction stage, offering premises with a total area of 15,000 sq m, with tenants such as Anitra, Sika Baltic, BE Group, Besecke, Selecta, etc.

BIP is not the only industrial park in the Baltics, but it profits from one of the best, most central locations, as well as being in close proximity to all necessary infrastructure in Riga.

Since there is increasing demand for modern commercial premises, LNK started the second stage of development at BIP, broadening its territory to 5 hectares and expanding production, trading, warehouse and office premises by 3,500 sq m.

Office, warehouse and trade premises will be offered in a metric area ranging from 100 sq m to 5,000 sq m.

Taking into account the high interest of potential leaseholders, LNK Properties also plans the 3rd stage of Industrial Park’s expansion, increasing the area of warehouses, offices, trading and production premises by an additional 6,000-8,000 sq m.