What type of leader are you?

What type of leader are you?

Sometimes being a strong leader means knowing when to ask for help. Self-awareness can help you to identify the type of leader you are, or would like to be, so that you can get the most from your people.

Understanding your leadership style also means you can better play to your strengths, work on your weaknesses and recognise how to use your resources effectively so your business can thrive.

Mike Davis, Head of SME at AXA PPP healthcare, comments: “As a leader you have the power to inspire change and motivate others. But taking a moment to reflect on your leadership style and how it affects your people is an important, yet likely neglected, part of being a strong leader.

"It can help you identify the type of leader you want to be versus where you are now and how you might want to adapt in order to get the most from your team. There’s no right or wrong approach but there’s certainly a lot to be said for being yourself to set the tone for your business culture”.

In 1939 Psychologist Kurt Lewin identified three styles of decision making, the autocratic, the democratic and the laissez-faire. Kurt’s leadership framework is still widely used today.