Brits are visiting Wales more often and for longer

Brits are visiting Wales more often and for longer

Figures published recently by the Welsh government show that more Brits are visiting Wales than anywhere else in the UK.

The figures show that Wales has fared better for holidays at home than any other region in UK for the 12 months leading up to May 2017.

Throughout this period, there were almost 10 million overnight visits to Wales by British resident, amounting to a total of nearly 35 million nights spent in Wales.

Figures may indicate that people coming to Wales from GB are now finding more and more reasons to stay for longer - as the number of nights has increased by nearly 5% compared to the year before.

In comparison, the number of visits to GB as a whole has decreased by 3.7% over the same period, and the number of nights has decreased by 3.2%.

One reason for this could be down to the Welsh Government’s investment into an international marketing project which titled 2016 as the “Year of Adventure for Wales”, with this year being slated as the “Year of Legends”.

It is likely that the weak pound also played a role in this boost as more holidaymakers have turned to their own back yard, rather than hopping over to Europe.

Cabinet Secretary for the Economy and Infrastructure, Ken Skates said:

“These indications are very positive for 2017. In what is an extremely competitive market place, tourism in Wales is in a strong position and these figures continue to reflect the success we have experienced over the last two years. 

“In addition to this, 87% of respondents in our tourism barometer survey undertaken in June said they were confident about how their business would perform over the summer.

“We will continue with our campaign work to ensure that we make the most of the opportunities to attract those looking to holiday at home due to the weak pound.”