Leeds United introduces new club crest

Leeds United introduces new club crest

Ahead of its centenary anniversary next year, the football club has unveiled a redesigned club crest after six months of consultation.

The club took to social media to eagerly reveal its rebranded badge: a simple shield design with the club name across the top and a footballer with his fist to his chest below.

In a press release on Championship club’s website, the firm said that it conducted six months of research into the new logo to find out how it should represent the club for the next 100 years.

The claimed reason behind the switch was apparently due to the majority of fans not being “attached” to the current crest.

The club said that it had received great feedback from the consultation and was “blown away” by the passion and depth of engagement.

Over a six month process, more than 10,000 people were consulted through digital surveys, one-on-one and group interviews, as well as meetings with legends, current players, club staff, the owner, and local partners.

The club’s website said: “Outside of our commitment to herald the club into a new era on and off the pitch, the most significant reason for updating our crest is that, quite simply, it doesn’t say who we are.

“The abbreviation rather than spelling out Leeds United in full contributes to the crest being unrecognisable. We wanted to say who we are with pride: We are Leeds United.

“We are now delighted and proud to reveal a new crest that represents the passion and the unique identity that runs deep through the Club.

“The new crest depicts the ‘Leeds Salute’, which over the decades has been an expression of the passion that connects Leeds United’s fans and players on and off the pitch and all over the world.

“It is used extensively, and notably on match days when with right hand on heart fans sing the Club’s famous song ‘Marching on Together’.

“The crest will be featured on the 2018/19 season kit onwards.”

Angus Kinnear, Leeds United managing director, said: “In the past year we have worked very hard as a club to re-engage fans and the wider community across Leeds.

“We have seen season ticket sales soar and gates have regularly exceeded 32,000 at Elland Road – we are very grateful for the loyal and unwavering support we have received.

“Once we heard that there was a desire for change to help herald a new era for the club, it became of primary importance that the new crest clearly reflected who we are.

“Everybody knows how proud and passionate the Leeds United fans are, but since I arrived at the club, I have been in awe of the unique connection between the fans and the team.

“Updating the crest is not a decision we have taken lightly, but we are proud to have a new crest that is authentic to Leeds United and honours the quality and loyalty of our fans.

“It is a symbol of ‘strength in unity’ and a proud expression of the club’s identity and history.”