Pitchero starts pilot with Finnish FA

Pitchero starts pilot with Finnish FA

Pitchero has signed a pilot agreement to provide a grassroots digital platform to the Football Association of Finland and its member clubs and leagues.

The platform, which is the first of its kind in the world and a culmination of ten years’ continuous development by Yorkshire-based Pitchero, has been designed to support national governing bodies around the world and their objectives of growing grassroots participation and revenue generation for their sport.

The platform does this through a combination of Pitchero’s websites and mobiles apps, which include data and monetisation tools for national governing bodies, including central membership management, retail integration, and data collection, enabling national governing bodies to engage with their grassroots participants online.

The technology is managed and supported by Pitchero but will be branded and controlled by the FA of Finland.

Everyone within Finnish football including players, parents, coaches and officials, can access the network through websites and mobile apps designed especially for them and their role within their sport and club.

The Finland FA is currently testing the platform and if successful the technology could be expanded to all 900 football clubs in Finland.

Timo Huttunen, deputy general secretary of the Finland FA said: “Capturing real-time data and communicating with grassroots clubs is essential for the Finland FA.

“To do this, we required a single platform which could be used by all teams and clubs, from elite to amateur.

“We are optimistic with Pitchero’s huge capability and their ability to provide a platform which can generate new revenue streams and greater digital opportunities for our existing and prospective partners.”

Pitchero is already used by over 10,000 sports clubs worldwide and reaches millions of active participants each month.

Over the last 10 years, Pitchero has developed the UK’s leading platform for grassroots sport which National Governing Bodies are now taking advantage of.

Alongside the FA of Finland, the new white label solution – nicknamed Together - is currently being trialled by multiple UK Governing Bodies, including the Welsh FA and the Scottish FA.

Pitchero CEO Mark Fletcher added: “Governing Bodies are aware how crucial technology is to the development and growth of grassroots sport.

“Pitchero is the leading provider of this technology and now, working in partnership with NGBs, we have created a full white label solution for an NGB which unites their grassroots community online with a custom digital network.

“Furthermore, the networks will generate considerable revenue for the NGB, not only paying for the cost of the service but generating a positive return.

“In short, we can deliver a solution to NGB’s which drives participation and revenue.”