Young entrepreneur turns love of film into career

Young entrepreneur turns love of film into career

A young entrepreneur based in Hereford has set up his own film business using cutting-edge technology such as drones.

Shooting Reels, founded by 21-year-old Ed Deacon, works with clients throughout the UK and across the globe, creating anything from wedding highlight films to music videos.

“We work all around the United Kingdom and can operate anywhere around the world,” said Deacon

“We have already produced two documentaries set in Las Vegas and Florida. We also have been commissioned to produce video content while travelling through Europe. “

The business is permitted by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and films up to 4k resolution quality.

“I have always had a fascination with films and acting. I would make videos when I was as young as 10,” said Deacon.

However, his inspiration for the business came when he was 18 years old, after realising the growing market for producing quality, promotional video content online for businesses and consumers.

Deacon added: “We are able to produce creative content online and for social media.

“We strive to produce the best quality videos on cost-effective budgets and for the videos to reach and exceed their goals.”

The firm was supported with an £18,000 loan from Virgin StartUp Loans.